Three Ways To Make A Wake And Funeral Less Difficult For The Parents Of Someone That Has Passed Away


Losing a child can be very difficult for a parent to have to go through. If a loved one has recently lost their child, there are things you can do to make the wake and funeral easier for them. The following guide walks you through three ways to help your loved one get through the difficult experience of burying their child. 1. Create a Memory Jar Near the entrance to the area where the wake will take place in the funeral home, have a table set up that has a jar on it with pieces of paper and pens.

23 November 2015

4 Ways To Revive Your Bible Study


No matter how good your intentions are, sometimes it can seem difficult to do your daily Bible study. Adding a few new ideas to your study can make it feel fresh and new again. 1. Study the people The Bible can provide wonderful examples of how we should live our lives through the people in the scriptures. You can try studying people like Esther, Paul, and Moses and look at how they respond to the Lord's commands.

4 November 2015

Use These 3 Tips To Keep Teenagers Engaged During Bible Study


Leading a teen bible study group can be a challenge. It is not always easy to catch their attention, and it can be hard to tell if they are getting anything out of what you are teaching them. If you want to encourage teenagers to be more forthcoming, attentive and engaged, here are some things you can do. Make it Relevant If you're like a lot of bible study leaders, you might have a few bible stories in mind that you want to share with teens in your group because of the spiritual lessons gleaned from them.

25 September 2015