embracing religion to make it through the tough times

When I was in recovery, I spent many nights sitting at home struggling on my own. After about a month of struggling to find good people to spend my time with, I was referred to a religious organization just up the road from my apartment. I found good people to talk to and several meetings and events that I could attend to keep my mind off of my struggles. If you are struggling with anything from drug addiction to emotional problems, you can find comfort and care at one of these many wonderful organization. This blog will show you what you can do to embrace religion to find peace.

Get Christian Drug Recovery To Save Your Marriage


Are you a Christian married to a drug abuser? If so, you need to seriously consider getting into a marriage counseling and substance abuse program from an organization like Evergreen  Christian Community.

Your spouse could destroy your relationship, if not the entire family. Their actions place an emotional strain on you because you care about them.They can overspend on drugs, miss days from work or get into legal trouble, among other negatives. In other cases, the drug-using partner can become physically abusive. 

Of course, getting someone addicted to drugs to admit the problem usually proves difficult. So, to help you better convince them of the necessity of seeking help, following are three important reasons why your loved one should not try to solve the addiction problem alone. Instead, they should attend Christian drug recovery and marriage counseling with you.

1. Going "Cold Turkey" Can Be Dangerous

Too many substance abusers, whether it is drugs or alcohol, think they can quit whenever they want. They believe all they have to do is abstain, or go "cold turkey," as the process is called in street parlance. Your spouse may believe this option best for them. Nobody else needs to know about the addiction, right?

The truth is that trying to stop using drugs or alcohol without professional guidance can be dangerous, even life-threatening if done improperly. Substance abusers need to carefully wean their bodies off its dependency. Otherwise, they may suffer painful withdrawal symptoms.

A Christian drug counselor will know how to find professionals skilled at safe, dependable drug detoxification.

2. Get to the Root of the Problem

Likewise, your spouse needs to ask for professional drug recovery and marriage counseling to get to the root of the problem. They need to find out just what psychological and spiritual issues have led them to become dependent on drugs and threaten their marriage. Talking to a third-party who shares your religious views presents such an opportunity. The counselor will approach the situation from a spiritual angle.

3. Both Partners Included

Drug recovery and marriage counseling should be done concurrently.

Quite simply, you are human with sensitive emotions. In traditional counseling, the drug user garners all the attention. Family and friends get ignored.

Yet, you are in a relationship and your needs deserve consideration, too. Christian drug recovery and marriage counseling is a chance for you to deal with the addiction problem, while simultaneously saving your family.

Get Help Today

Do not wait any longer. Get your marriage back on track with solid spiritual guidance. Drug addiction can be beaten. Moreover, you can get your spouse cured while also making your marriage stronger. Just ask for help today.


29 April 2018