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When I was in recovery, I spent many nights sitting at home struggling on my own. After about a month of struggling to find good people to spend my time with, I was referred to a religious organization just up the road from my apartment. I found good people to talk to and several meetings and events that I could attend to keep my mind off of my struggles. If you are struggling with anything from drug addiction to emotional problems, you can find comfort and care at one of these many wonderful organization. This blog will show you what you can do to embrace religion to find peace.

Three Ways To Make A Wake And Funeral Less Difficult For The Parents Of Someone That Has Passed Away


Losing a child can be very difficult for a parent to have to go through. If a loved one has recently lost their child, there are things you can do to make the wake and funeral easier for them. The following guide walks you through three ways to help your loved one get through the difficult experience of burying their child.

1. Create a Memory Jar

Near the entrance to the area where the wake will take place in the funeral home, have a table set up that has a jar on it with pieces of paper and pens. Write on a piece of paper for each person to write their favorite memory of the person that passed away and to place it in the jar so that the mother and father can share the fond memories later on down the road. Frame the message and place it on the table so that everyone will know what to do when they arrive at the wake.

2. Create a Photo Board

Gather pictures of the person that passed from friends and family to create a photo board that the parents can keep to enjoy photos of their child that they may not already have. Be sure to let the owners of the photos know that the pictures will be kept forever and if anyone has a problem with the pictures being kept, simply make a copy of the picture and use the copy on the photo board.

3. Create a Unique Guest Book

Finally, create a unique guest book on the table near the entrance to the wake by using small stones. You can find small decorative stones at a craft store. Add a permanent marker to the table and allow everyone to write their name on a rock and a message to the person that has passed. Have them place the rocks in a jar on the table and then give it to the parents for them to spread the rocks near the tombstone where their child is buried. This allows the parents to have wonderful things to share with their child when they come to visit their grave.

These things take very little time or money to do and will show your loved one how much you care about them. They will serve as a great way to make the wake and funeral even more special and help all of your family to come together during the tough time.

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23 November 2015