embracing religion to make it through the tough times

When I was in recovery, I spent many nights sitting at home struggling on my own. After about a month of struggling to find good people to spend my time with, I was referred to a religious organization just up the road from my apartment. I found good people to talk to and several meetings and events that I could attend to keep my mind off of my struggles. If you are struggling with anything from drug addiction to emotional problems, you can find comfort and care at one of these many wonderful organization. This blog will show you what you can do to embrace religion to find peace.

4 Ways To Revive Your Bible Study


No matter how good your intentions are, sometimes it can seem difficult to do your daily Bible study. Adding a few new ideas to your study can make it feel fresh and new again.

1. Study the people

The Bible can provide wonderful examples of how we should live our lives through the people in the scriptures. You can try studying people like Esther, Paul, and Moses and look at how they respond to the Lord's commands. Then you can find ways to apply it into your own life and your own challenges.

2. Memorize passages

If there is a particular Psalm, proverb, or other verse or passage that you have always loved, consider memorizing it. Those memorized scriptures can come to your mind during the day or in conversations with family and friends. Having a storage of memorized scriptures can help you relate the scriptures to your everyday life and the situations you are going through.

3. Start a journal

Writing down your thoughts and feelings about what you are reading can help you remember what you've learned and make the scripture more relatable to your life. You can use stickers, different colored pencils or markers (even consider doing a color-coded system), or drawings to make the journal beautiful to look at and help you think about the Bible in ways that you might not have in the past. When you've been keeping the journal for a while, you can go back and study what you've done in the past. This way you can keep track of things that you have already learned.

4. Join a group

If you want to make things more meaningful, it can help to involve other people in your study. If you go to church regularly, see if your congregation has a Bible study group that you could join. If it doesn't or if you don't have a church you regularly go to, you can consider starting your own group or looking around at other churches in the area, such as New Gethsemane Baptist Church, to see what they offer. Studying with a group can help add motivation and to give you new perspectives and insights that you might not have had before.

However you decide to do it, adding some spark to your Bible study isn't hard if you just add some creativity and think outside the box. Soon your Bible study can again be your favorite part of the day.


4 November 2015